Mole Control

Pest COntrol - Moles

Only controlled by the use of traps. This is by far the most effective method in terms of both cost and results. I work on a no catch no fee basis for mole control and annual contracts are available.

Squirrel Control

Pest Control - Squirrels

There are a few options open to you for getting rid of unwanted squirrels. These are live traps and kill traps which are inspected daily. The use of air rifles as and when appropriate. This is on a no catch no fee basis and annual contracts are available

Wasp Nest Treatment

Pest Control - Wasps

Treated using a chemical which is administered in and around the nest. Hornets are also treated in the same way. We don’t treat any species of bees.

Rabbit Control

Pest Control - Rabbits

With 35 years’ experience controlling rabbits I find ferrets and nets are extremely effective especially in the colder months. Live traps are used all year round and can account for large numbers of rabbits. Spring traps and snares are used when safe to do so. Shooting is also a means of control. A combination of the above methods can be very effective

Rodent Control

Pest Control - Rodents

RATS and MICE – To control rats and mice I use 3 methods. By far the most common is using a 2nd generation rodenticide in and around buildings placed in secure bait boxes. we have two other traps that are available, live traps and kill traps which we use if necessary.

All rabbit, rodent and squirrel traps are checked by us at least once every 24hrs.

All rodent bait boxes are lockable and show all relevant details.